About The Artist

My name is Andrew Wulf and I spent nearly 4 decades building technology and now I use my technology skills to create a unique kind of art. I have no education in art and did not ever consider making any until 2018 when I bought a new house and thought I could make something to put on my walls. This spiraled out of control, and now I make art every day; after retiring in 2021 I began working full time on art, marketing, writing and continuing to expand my understanding of this unique art form.

This art is mostly non-objective abstract in nature, focusing on complex shapes and colors, and uses my knowledge of math, programming and digital manipulation to produce art that appears to be highly unique. The art emcompasses a number of different styles but all are built in similar ways and I consider them to be variations on a theme. I continue to experiment and evolve the art every day. Being digital in nature the artworks must eventually be printed, I expect as single edition prints only. I try to post new art every day on twitter digconart.

Face Image

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